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Which jobs are safe?

What will you be doing in five years? Most history books ended with World War II. To catch a glimpse into the future and catch up on the most recent 20 years of history, read "The World Is Flat" by Thomas Friedman.

It's a real eye-opener about the global nature of business today, and that goes for real estate as well. When you call Dell, who do you get? An Indian at a call center in Bangalore eager to practice English and help you fix your computer. It may be 5 am in India. They work in shifts around the clock. How did all this outsourcing happen so quickly?

Want to see a company that masterminds the flow of goods. Take a look at the inner workings of Wal-Mart. When you take something off the shelf and check out, another widget order is automatically sent to China. The conveyor belt of the economy now stretches around the world, and the winners are those who know how to coordinate the whole process. Wal-Mart doesn't make anything. They are just giant transaction coordinators.

What kind of jobs will be best bets for Americans? Well, practice your people skills because that's one of them. Read the book to discover more.

Anything that can be automated, will be.

Real estate is part of that global picture. How will you fit into the future? Which tools will still be useful in 10 years?

It's worth the read.
Comment balloon 1 commentShannon Moore • September 22 2006 06:49AM


Personally, I am discussed by the lack of service I get from India. Most of the "call center" people I get, can't speak English well, don't really understand the nature of the problem, and just use a computerized knowledge base (if this then that, if that then this....)  I will consider this fact when I purchase my next series of computers and will look to better service rather than price.  That's the same that I expect of my clients when choosing a Realtor
Posted by David Eiglarsh, CRS, CDPE, Serving South Florida (United Realty Group) over 13 years ago