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A few random questions and comments

I was wondering how many people used Google and how many liked Yahoo! better and why? I usually use Yahoo! in fact I have it as my home page because I like to read the news when I log on in the morning. Although, I do think Google indexes their pages more frequently. Something interesting I noticed is that I logged on to Google this morning and typed "Shannon Moore North Port" and my ActiveRain page was no where to be found. Then about an hour ago I typed it in Google again and it came up as the number one page! Right under my Active Rain page on the search engine appeared my brokers page (I referred her). So it looks like if you referr people they may show up under your name as well. My page doesn't show up at all on Yahoo!, yet.

Next question, how does everyone like I personally have found it to be off quite a bit on pricing. Then you have customers that go on Zillow and say "it says my house was worth xxx amount." Do you all find it to be useful site?

What do you prefer to use Top Producer or Agent Office, or something else? We are using Top Producer right now but are switching to Agent Office. I hear it's a bit easier to use and it's cheaper :)

When you're doing a listing presentation do you go in with your laptop or a paper CMA or both? I personally think that it is more effective to just use your laptop on the presentation. I makes you look more tech savvy and it seems more professional.

Do any of you know of any other good real estate/info/blog websites?

I'd love to hear feedback on any of the questions!

Roxanne Moore, Realtor

Shannon Moore, Realtor

Prudential Florida WCI
North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice

Comment balloon 5 commentsShannon Moore • July 15 2006 07:44PM


I posted my opinion on Yahoo vs. Google here

As for Zillow, it seems to under-value properties in my market. It's amazing though how quickly they've come on though. "I Zillowed my house" is already working it's way into conversation...

I've tried paper and laptop for listings presentations. I've found that TOO flashy a show on a laptop can distract from your message. And it's the message that's by far the important part, not the method of delivery. 

A good real estate blog? Why my of course! Seriously though, Rain City Guide is one of my favorites. There are links to several REblogs I like in the top right column of my blog.

Posted by Jay Thompson (Zillow) almost 13 years ago

I've never been a big fan of Yahoo. Google seems to always get better, more accurate results for me.

About Zillow.....It is never anywhere close for homes in my market. Granted, the Albuquerque metro area is geographically huge and there are very expensive homes next door to 1970's mobile homes in some areas which makes it tough anyway but the values usually seem way off--usually on the high side.

I almost always use a laptop for presentations but I take paper copies of the parts I want them to keep and leave those with them.

Posted by Deb Hurt, ABR, e-Pro,Green, TRC (Realty Pro Albuquerque) almost 13 years ago
I too have found Zillow to under estimate properties.  I think people should know (in my own humble opinion) that nothing can ever replace a human appraisor.
Posted by Fran White, Kansas City North Real Estate, 816-682-3897 (North Kansas City Real Estate, Reece and Nichols Residential) almost 13 years ago
Oh zillow....  some clients think it is the Bible, though.  I dunno why they would trust a computer over an agent.  Who knows?
Posted by Michael Peddycord (Keller Williams Realty) about 12 years ago

I use iGoogle, which allows you to customize the home page to stuff that you want. I have RE News, Regular News, Sports, Weather, and RSS Feeds... Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Ryan Melville

Posted by Ryan Melville (Keller Williams Realty East Valley) over 11 years ago