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Reasons to Live in Florida...

Reasons to Live in Florida

As if the sugar-white sand and the azure blue waters weren't enough, here's just a few more reasons to live in the great state of Florida:

•  It's just like the Midwest and Northeast (without the snow, ice and grumpy people)

•  Three national championship football teams give you plenty of bragging rights

•  Real Key Lime pie

•  The Florida Lottery (hey, you never know!)

•  Fresh Seafood

•  If it can be made into a theme park, we've done it or are working on it

•  We're the only state to throw parties for our natural disasters (If you've never been to a hurricane party, you haven't lived!  Ever wonder where the drink called the Hurricane came from?)

•  How many other states do you know of that have manatees?

•  The original Flora-Bama: where EVERYONE swears they used to "hang out" with Jimmy Buffett (and probably did)

•  Space Shuttle launches (and Space Shuttle launch parties)

•  Bike Week in Daytona

•  Fantasy Fest in Key West

•  Spring Break in...well, every city in the state

•  Floridian doctors have actually been known to prescribe "sailing" for stress relief

•  Floridians still know the meaning of the word "neighbor"

•  It's probably not raining right now

•  If it is raining now, it won't be by the time you're done reading this.

•  Shell collecting

•  Scuba Diving and snorkeling

•  No state income taxes

•  Good enough for Hemingway, Madonna, Versace, etc....

•  Guavas, coconuts, loquats and bananas come from the trees, not from the store

•  From any point in Florida, a beach is only 60 miles away

•  "Formal Attire" has a completely different definition

•  You don't have to move when you retire

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