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For those of you who haven't been through a hurricane, you may wonder how this area where Charley hit two years ago, is doing now.  

Here are the stories from the local paper:  

Some people have rebuilt. Some gave up and moved to Tennessee. Some are still struggling with insurance issues and trying piece their lives back together. The FEMA trailers are scheduled to be removed in September.  

Those of us who went through it feel as if there is danger anywhere---earthquakes in California, killer storms in the Northeast, flooding or tornadoes in the Midwest. Where do you go? Where do you hide? Is any place really safe from the wrath of nature?  

It all comes down to your tolerance level. Which battles do you want to fight? Where is your comfort level? Most of us are more at ease with the devil we know rather than the one we don't.

Comment balloon 2 commentsShannon Moore • August 13 2006 07:09PM


We were lucky in Tampa - all the hurricanes missed us. Some of our neighbors left at various times, next door neighbors went to North Port to relatives, others to the Orlando area.  The areas they fled to were worse than where they left.  You can never predict these devils.
Posted by Sharon Simms, St. Petersburg FL - CRS CIPS CLHMS RSPS (Coastal Properties Group International - Christie's International) over 13 years ago

My son shot this in St Bernard a community of 60,000 before Katrina. Almost every home in the Parish was destroyed. The hearty live in trailers and tents. The rest have dispersed to other areas. This kind of damage goes on for miles. What if this had been you. No more houses to sell, no office, no place to live. However we have agents who lived here come to work everyday and trying to get back on their feet. Most had the clothes on their back and what they had in their car. You dont worry about where the furniture goes as many of my clients this year had none. These guys were so happy to settle down after 6,7,8 months. It takes a toll on the agents because you are really trying to do your best, some just have a harder time making up there mind. Its been a lot of elderly who have lived in a home 50 years and there kids are helping them. I can only pray this doesn't happen again.   

Posted by Eric Bouler, Listening to your Needs ( Gardner Realtors, Licensed in La.) over 13 years ago