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Have you ever gone into a home that seemed like someone had been smoking for 50 years? What about one with pet odors? One of our agents had to deodorize a house that had a dozen ferrets.

For all those musty, dusty, smelly, smoky odors I have found a great product. Maybe you have already discovered it. Sold at Sam's Club locally, it's called OdoBan and has a eucalyptus and wild flower base. It doesn't just cover up odors, it absorbs them. One gallon makes 32 gallons when diluted with water. I found it even took black smoke off a home with a fire.

According to the label, OdoBan is a deodorizer, a sanitizer, a disinfectant, a mildewstat and a virucide. It kills all kinds of germs and other nasty viruses. You can use it on walls, carpet, tables, bedding, curtains, anything. It doesn't stain fabrics.

Use a sprayer, cloth, sponge or mop to apply this stuff. The eucalyptus evaporates in a short time leaving a room fresh and clean smelling. Just spray lightly throughout a house to clear out the odors.

This is a product I highly recommend.

Comment balloon 4 commentsShannon Moore • August 02 2006 08:28AM


That is a great tip, ladies...too bad I have my membership at you think that product is sold anywhere else?
Posted by Alexander Harb, Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing (Knights Investing) over 13 years ago

We really don't know look for it in the cleaning supply section. It really is great stuff!

Posted by Shannon Moore, Realtor, Sarasota & Charlotte (Green Lion Realty) over 13 years ago
Great tip.....Sometimes when you are trying to remove odors, especially smoke, you forget to look up and consider the abuse that the ceiling has taken after years of chain smoking going on in the home.  I have found that sometimes it is necessary to paint the ceiling with Kilz to remove the smoke color and odor.  It seals the ceiling perfectly for a new coat of paint and removes any lingering odor.  Thanks for the tip....I'm headed for Sam's now!
Posted by Louann Nudi (TOVIJE Enterprises, Inc.) over 13 years ago

For any realtors or homeowners dealing with the odor problem I have found the miracle solution.  I am the property manager to a large apartment community.  At the beginning of every month I deal with odor problems from recently vacated apartments.  Some are more severe than others. Last month we had a really severe smelling apartment.  Even after fresh paint and new carpet we couldn't get cat urine smell out.  One of my maintenance guys brought me a product called Room Shocker this product works like no other product have ever tried.  It's simple to use and not labor or time intensive.  So there's no scrubbing or spring or wiping.  It's relatively inexpensive.  It's not a masking agent and gets rid of the odor at the source.  It not only gets rid of the smell, but it completely Decontaminates and disinfects the whole room.  So far I've been able to get rid of severe pet odor, the smell of cat urine, heavy cigarette smoke odor.   I had trouble finding the product but I found it on a website called  I guess it's fairly new.  I swear by this stuff now and then highly recommend it to realtors and  Or apartment managers and owners. The stuff really works!


Posted by Liz Smith over 11 years ago