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You may have noticed that our blogs seem like they were written by two different people. Well, they are!  

I told Shannon, my daughter, that we should start signing them so readers know which of us is writing.

Shannon's style is usually chatty and in response to another blog or about something we've done. I am more down to earth and do more of the informative blogs.

But, sometimes the roles are reversed. Sometimes I even wonder if she could be my child.   Being older by 30 years, I tend to put the brakes on while Shannon wants to charge full steam ahead. Shannon belongs to the instant gratification age of TV and internet, I am the patient and more quiet one.  

I do more of the paperwork and meeting people, while she handles much of the internet. We are somewhat cross-trained, but we each have our strengths.  

Because she has three kids, I spend most of the time at the office and handling the buyer and seller to-do lists. We worked together when I published the Country Grapevine for 10 years, so we have been dealing with internet issues for a long time. I have more background in print advertising, she knows what is attractive on the web.   Shannon would work 24 hours a day. I've been there and want to take a 15 minute break.  

We often disagree but bounce ideas off each other until we can reach some compromise or one of us gives in. Being a partner with your daughter is like being married. You have to work things out to stay together. Each of us has to be allowed the freedom to make choices, but where it affects the team, we have to pull together. 


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