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After responding to a question on one of my post by Fran White about Google and Yahoo! Advertising, it got me thinking. Does anyone pay for advertising on Google or Yahoo!? How about some of those other pay for leads or advertising sources?,,,,, and the myriad of other sites out there. Any luck? We have found most, for the exception of, have been a waste of time and money. What your experience?


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Comment balloon 7 commentsShannon Moore • July 21 2006 08:01AM


I have been with Homegain since they frist started. Therefore I pay no monthly fees at all accept a referral when I close a deal (30%). I only work the Sellers. In 6 years I have closed 10 deals and netted about $50,000. So for me I like it. My Seller proposals are already saved in the system so I just have to add in a personal comment or two and click. I spend about 15 minutes a week on it. If I had to pay monthly I probably would not use it. The buyer leads look very weak. My web site is with as has been since they started so again I pay very little. Its not the best but serves my purpose since I am not trying to attract Buyers. I don't work with Buyers. But my sellers like it. Their properties are displayed nicely and they can search the MLS from it. I do belong to Realtytrac but as a consumer not a Realtor for $39 a month I get info on all the foreclosures in my market area I can then solicit them either to purchase for myself or to see If I can help them out by listing their property. And I use extensively. I send out around 4,000 mailers a month at $.52 each. My general farm area mailers are set up a year in advance and they get something once a month. I also do 400 just listed and just sold for every listing and Buyers are automaticaly set up on a five year plan and receive something from me every 3 months. Also if you go to you can sign up sellers and buyers for free postcards and discounts from you. I hope this was worth my 25 points!!!
Posted by Bryant Tutas, Selling Florida one home at a time (Tutas Towne Realty, Inc and Garden Views Realty, LLC) about 14 years ago

I do not feel that lead aggregators add any value to the transaction so I focus my marketing budget on direct mail to two groups...our "have mets" get 30 pluscontacts a year including a monthly non real estate oriented newsletter, email flyers and jumbo postcards.

Our haven't meet farms ~10,000 get a monthly piece.

We do utilize Yahoo and Google PPC extensively.  This is the largest part of our budget...very targeted traffic, very cost effective...we sell luxury condominiums in Miami for from $500/sf to over $1500/sf so the math is easy!




Posted by Ned Berndt, P.A. (Vandenburg Properties) about 14 years ago

While I'm not an agent, I've set up and managed PPC campaigns for real estate companies before.  If done right now Google Adwords and Overture can be extremely effective, though because of increased competition not nearly as effective as they used to be.  Provided you have some type of contact form on your website you can track conversions using these, which is much more useful that simply tracking number of clicks.  Despite the reports to the contrary I saw very little in the way of click fraud for real estate terms.  But the CPC programs outside of adwords and overture are a complete waste of money and full of click fraud.

As far as lead generators, I think most of them are a waste of money.  The lead quality is usually pretty bad.  Their definition of what constitutes a "lead" is usually pretty broad.  Regardless, to be effective at closing any web based leads, being aggressive in your followup is crucial.   

Posted by Matt Heaton (Timu Corp - CEO, ActiveRain - Co-founder) about 14 years ago

I used HouseValues for 8 months and dumped $7500 into a database that did me no good other than to help me list and sell ONE property.

I called at least 40 people per night to see if they were ready to list their homes... 98% of them said,"Thanks for calling, but I don't want to sell yet."

Most of these people turned out to be people who just wanted to pat themselves on their backs about the wonderful investment they made in their home.

Paying for leads is just plain silly. Why don't people go back to waiting for referrals to close and get paid when the referral turns out to be a good lead, instead of marketing a pipedream to agents that want to make money the "easy way".

There is no subsistute for working hard AND smart.

Any referrals anyone? ;-)

Posted by Alexander Harb, Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing (Knights Investing) about 14 years ago
I noticed in your tags - do you have experience with  
Posted by AJ Martin (none) over 13 years ago

OK guys and gals. Here'e the skinny -

I am here with the home office of I want to set some thing straigh about Pay Per Click (PPC) and/or buying ads.

PPC is very productive if it is done correctly and a very expensive waste of time if not. PPC does give you a lot of different prospects and an average of 30% closure, but for people that do not close right now, you have to have some sort of Drip marketing program to keep you fresh in their minds. Once you look at your ROI, you might have paid 10-20 dollars per lead at the end of all of it; which is excelent based on the national average cost of a lead ($80-$120 a lead). CLICK HERE for the blog on PPC that i did a week or so ago (I don't feel like typing it again, sorry.)

BUYING ADS IS USUALLY NEVER GOOD. Let me explain. I have a lot of clients that work with lead aggregators that charge them a commision split, large lead fee, small monthly fee or some other sort of membership costs. OK, that's fine. But guess what, most of my clients (I'd say 90%) are never happy. Yes that does mean that 10% ARE happy and making money. It does happen, just not often. I usually try to keep my clients away from it so that I don't get a dissapointed call months later.

End of story: if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or check out my website. No, I'm not going to try to sell you if you don't want the program... I just feel that there is so much speculation and ignorance about web advertisment all together.

Let me know what you think please.

Posted by Jamie Howell-Reynolds ( (Dominion Enterprises)) over 13 years ago

Dear Jamie,

What I would say is for agents to use the program best suited to their marketing; Are you a do it yourself agent, with time to spend answering all of your leads and setting them up on drip marketing campaigns, etc. and have the patience for them to mature and keep in touch- well then probably lead aggregation and PPC are not bad programs.

 Are you seeking marketing differentiation and competitive advantage, then obviously you want to sink your money into a marketing strategy and companies that can complete that.

Do you need a website that performs well on the search engines, there again, you should seek companies who specialize in website development and optimization, or perhaps, a website company and a SEO company who specializes in real estate term placement.

The company you seek should depend on 1.  Your Need.  2.  Your Marketing Plan  3.  Your Budget.

 And as always, there is no magic formula to replace your current prospecting and personal efforts.  Lead generation, online marketing and website presence should only serve to enhance these efforts.

 Just my humble 2 cents....or 3:-)

Posted by Rebecca Levinson about 13 years ago