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We have listed properties a couple of times on the auction site EBay. Our reserve price was the asking price, and we explained all of that in the descriptions. The listings had lots of information and photos but still only brought low ball buyers. No one really wanted to even hit the reserve. This gives you tremendous exposure, but not many true buyers. The cost is pretty hefty if you add all the bells and whistles, but it is fun to watch each day and see the bidding go up.


We had well over a 1000 hits on each of our listings. Anyone have some real success with Ebay?


Roxanne Moore

Shannon Moore

Prudential Florida WCI

North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice

Comment balloon 5 commentsShannon Moore • July 19 2006 10:04AM


You bring up an interesting subject: using Ebay to market properties. 

To me, the fact that the property did not sell is not a measure of success or failure.  How many of the bidders did you speak to and are now in your database?  If you expanded your database with potential buyers, then I would say you had some success.

If you have a good follow-up technique, some of these leads can be business down the road.  Certainly, they will be for someone.

What were the prices of the listings?  I would imagine that Ebay would appeal to bargain hunters, not luxury buyers.  Perhaps a handyman special listing would generate more leads than new construction?

Good topic--I'd like to hear what others have done with Ebay!

Posted by Auburn Football (Whipped the Gators...Again) almost 13 years ago
very good point about is a self auction house with most people looking to buy for way below value.
Posted by Don Lantier, Broker/Owner of & HouseTour4 (Donald J Lantier Realty) almost 13 years ago
I the ebay for properties is only good for two things,impressing a client during the listing presentation and maybe marketing a highly unique property, like "Elvis slept here" type of thing.
Posted by 1 1 (1) almost 13 years ago

I listed ONE home with EBAY and had no luck with it, even though I had many many hits to the listing there. Everyone wanted to LOWBALL me and I had people trying to hack into the ebay system and do bad things using me or my membership name as a scapegoat.

I will never do business with EBAY ever again.......

Posted by Alexander Harb, Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing (Knights Investing) almost 13 years ago

I had success with the place I listed.  It was a unique cabin property near a populat lake.  I had interest from several states and received many leads.  I sold the cabin and am still working on the leads.

I say it is a good place to market properties to folks who may not have access to your local marketing efforts.

Posted by Chad Blessinger (FC Tucker Kerstiens Realty) over 12 years ago