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Looks like I’m full of questions the past two days! Right now I have a Motorola phone that Alltel makes. I’m looking at a Palm Treo. It looks like it has several features that I could use. I like the idea of being able to open the lockboxes with your cell phone instead of having to update the lockbox key everyday. The Treo has this feature. Anybody have any phone that they like/don’t like?

Roxanne Moore, Realtor

Shannon Moore, Realtor

Prudential Florida WCI
North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice

Comment balloon 5 commentsShannon Moore • July 17 2006 05:20AM


If you use a Supra DKey, getting a Treo allows you to upgrade to an eKey.  You still have to sync it each nite, but you can either do that through a USB connetion or automatically if you have an Internet connection with your cell service.

What's also nice about the eKey has the option of downloading the MLS and agent roster to the phone, each time you sync.  If you forget to sync, there is an update option (again Internet service required).  You can also leave feedback comments on the eKey and it will upload the next time you sync.

Posted by Paul Sullins (Network Real Estate) almost 13 years ago

I am a big fan of the Treo, I've been using the 650 on the Cingular network and considering the burdens that I place on it (always on for automatic e-mail retrieval) it's great. Best phone/multi function tool yet.. I've had the Treo 270, The Kyocera 7135 and the T-Mobile Pocket PC phone... so there are plenty of new ones that I haven't tried.

I highly recommend getting the software "Volume Care" for the Treo

Posted by Angus in Naperville IL (RE/MAX of Naperville) almost 13 years ago

Paul is correct,

you still need to do a sync to update the key, but with the internet service, I can do it on the go, or right in front of the keybox if I need to. 

Posted by Please visit LinkedIn Instead (This social network is no longer updated.) almost 13 years ago

"you still need to do a sync to update the key"

Hmm...folks in the office with the 600/650 says there's no synching with Supra like the DisplayKey, that it's done automatically.  Am I not understanding how it works?

My current contract is up in 2 weeks so I'm looking to upgrade and have been considering the 700P or the Motorola Q mostly for email and internet access.  Neither is supported by Supra, though.  I was really interested in the 700W but most reviews are fairly negative.

Posted by Ben Kakimoto, Seattle Condo Specialist (Keller Williams Greater Seattle) almost 13 years ago
Thanks for all of the posts! So if I'm understanding everyone right you would just plug it in and sync at night and then you're good to go for the next morning? So it would basically be one less device (Supra Key) you have to carry around. Looks like everyone like the Treo pretty well.
Posted by Shannon Moore, Realtor, Sarasota & Charlotte (Green Lion Realty) almost 13 years ago