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Where in the world is Waldo?

My daughter, who’s 13, absolutely hates Florida. She doesn’t like the heat. I told her that she may want to look into living in Alaska or Washington state (when she turns 18). From what I understand it rains quite a bit in Washington. She loves the rain and she likes the forests/trees, and not palm trees. I was born and raised in Florida. I love it and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I’ve traveled to most of the United States and England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc. but I’ve always lived in Florida. The beaches are beautiful, it's always warm here (for people that like the heat), Sarasota County is a city rich in culture. The Sarasota county school system is exceptional; my children go to a public gifted school called Pineview (fabulous school, many families move to the area so their children can attend.) Which brings me to my question…if you could live/visit anywhere where would you like to go? If you really like the city you live in share what you like about it.  I would really like to visit Hawaii. All of the pictures I’ve seen are just beautiful. I’ve heard that the cost of living in Hawaii is on the high end though.  I also think it would be kind of neat to visit Australia, as well. The wildlife there is amazing. So where would you like to visit? Or have you been to a really cool destination? Come on all you agents from Hawaii tell me why I want to visit/move to your area!!!

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Shannon Moore, Realtor

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Well I can't compete with 47 countries in 6 continents... but the most fascinating place I've visited was Tianjin and Beijing China. Standing on the Great Wall is quite an experience.
Posted by Jay Thompson (Zillow) over 12 years ago

I, too, was born and raised in Florida.  After high school I lived in several other states; the longest time was spent in Atlanta, GA.  But, I missed Florida too much and my wife and I moved back (she's from Fla too!)

The best places I have visited have been Boston and Washington DC.  I love history and both of these cities have plenty of it!  Maine is beautiful and the coast is incredible!

I would love to visit Scotland and Ireland one day...

Posted by Auburn Football (Whipped the Gators...Again) over 12 years ago
Wow Kristal, what an amazing woman you are!! That sounds so exciting! You must be in fantastic shape with all of that bike riding.  When you cycle do you stay in hotels, motorhome, camp? I would love to hear about your different travels. Love the pictures on your site, but I went to view the "map" of your travels it came up with a dead link.
You always have intriguing comments and posts. I also find Paul Sullins posts very interesting. I liked his post right before the site went down on "posting for points or content." Sometimes I just post generic stuff but I'm trying to make my posts have more substance to them.
It looks like you have been to Japan, my daughter, is dying to go there. She is really into this game called Goban a Japanese game, she's trying to learn the language and she reads the Japanese comics called Manga. 
 And yes, I'm sure my daughter would love to accompany you on your Antarctica trip:) Florida is not her cup of tea to say the least.
Welcome back to Florida Richard!!
Beijing would be quite an experience, Jay & Francy!
I agree with the ice thing, Justin, I wonder why they do that? Hmmmm...
Posted by Shannon Moore, Realtor, Sarasota & Charlotte (Green Lion Realty) over 12 years ago

I'd have to vote for Hawaii, since I was born there. Oahu is a beautiful place. BUT the best thing is the pace of life there is slow.  Its an island, people aren't in a hurry to go anywhere. Lots of the streets are narrow, especially in older parts of Honolulu and the surrounding cities, so only one car will fit at a time. You'll find the most courteous drivers on the planet there.  People will always offer you the right of way.

-Charles Richey

Posted by Jacqulyn Richey, Las Vegas Real Estate (Prominent Realty Group) over 12 years ago

Sorry about the broken link, it was off site and now that site/owner is out of business.  At the time I was just learning about websites and photos etc. so my site is primitive.  I need to have someone do a nice template for me, then I can redo the rest of it.

We camped, hoteled, hosteled etc. There were 250 of us to begin, but many succumbed to other delights, like riding in cars, boats, planes and trains.

It was a great experience, I'd do it again tomorrow if given the opportunity!

 Your post has developed a great response, it truly brings out the human in us.  That is a good thing... ; :)

Posted by Kristal Kraft, Selling Metro Denver Real Estate - 303-589-2022 (The Berkshire Group Realtors) over 12 years ago

I've never been to Florida but from photos, movies, etc, I would think its fairly similar to Hawaii weather-wise, including hurricanes.  I left Hawaii after high-school and never looked back.  I think at the time, it was just too slow and laid back for me.

I've been in Seattle for many years now and absolutely love it here.  I can't think of anywhere else to live (other than Vancouver, BC).  It never stops raining here and it's always grey :)

Seriously though, during the summer it's gorgeous with the sunshine, blue water & green mountains.  But come October the grey skies move in.  The rain is mostly a constant drizzle.  It doesn't rain hard as it does in Hawaii and in the south and rain storms are uncommon. 

Posted by Ben Kakimoto, Seattle Condo Specialist (Keller Williams Greater Seattle) over 12 years ago
From what you are describing, Ben, I think my daughter would be fond of Washington! Sounds like the perfect state for her. Maybe we'll take a trip out there this year :)
Posted by Shannon Moore, Realtor, Sarasota & Charlotte (Green Lion Realty) over 12 years ago