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Who's your favorite?

I saw this idea on someone else's post a few days ago then I went to look for it to give credit to the person who thought of it. Well, I couldn't find the comment so could give the person who thought of it proper credit.

Anyway I thought it was a great idea! Who's your favorite blogger? As I said in the Inman News article, I look for certain pictures and read those blogs and I usually skip over a bunch of them. Let's list our top ten and tell why you like their blog:

  1. The one and only Bryant Tutas and "The Lovely Wife"-always funny and says it like he sees it-improving on the comma usage :)
  2. The Real Estate Tomato-Love the name and I always learn something new when reading their blogs.
  3. Kristal Kraft-She's always posting something useful. I like her sense of humor.
  4. Jacqulyn/Charles Richey-They usually post about SEO and web stuff. I'm doing more of the website promotion, so I enjoy their blogs.
  5. Jim Lee- His blogs are a little long (I usually don't have the attention span to read long blogs) but whenever he post it's worth reading. He makes good points when posting comments.
  6. Maureen Francis & Dmitry Koublitsky- They're fairly new to the site but I have started gravitating toward their posts and comments.
  7. Tori Stamps- Haven't seen her around for a while but she just has a funny writing style. I can relate to what she's blogging about.
  8. Eric Bouler- He has some good ideas on his blogs and always gets good conversation started.
  9.  Scott Daniels-I don't even have to turn on the T.V. for drama I can just read his blogs. Very entertaining!
  10. Jonathan Greene, Taine Gregorio-They're really hanging in there. Again, they get good conversation started. They just seem very likeable.

A few other blogs I like-

Matt Heaton- Keeps you up to date on AR and all of the techie and real estate world.

Sharon Simms- I don't sell luxury property on a regular basis so I feel like I can learn a lot by reading her views and blogs.

Ben Kakimoto & Rory Siems, Paul Sullins, Jay & Francy Thompson, Ann Marie Pedevillano- They don't post often but when they do it's always worth reading.

Alexander Harb, Geri Sonkin, Sheri Ann Johnson, Sherri Wellborn, JoAnn Guida, Maureen McCabe, Greg Swann(the Bloodhound)- Love reading all of their blogs. Great information and well thought out blogs.

And last but not least--

Lloyd Reed , Greg Tracy-Tell it like they see it. I like that.

I guess I cheated a little by adding the ones on the bottom! Oh well, who are your favorites?

Comment balloon 19 commentsShannon Moore • August 20 2006 07:06AM
Who's your favorite?
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