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After reading Bryant Tutas’ blog a couple of days ago on just doing more listening and less talking in listing presentations, I decided to give it a try on a FSBO. I was amazed!


We have a special website for FSBOs,, where folks can post their listings for free. They are asked if they want an agent to contact them or if they would like a CMA. In order to promote the site, we made flyers to leave at FSBOs.


I decided to use the flyer as a door opener. I picked up the FSBO flyer in front of the house and walked toward the entrance pondering what I would say first. An elderly gentleman answered the door. Basically, I said, “I see you have your house for sale.” He smiled. Then I said, “I just wanted to let you know about a FREE website we sponsor as a service to people selling their house themselves.” I explained that I was with Prudential Florida WCI, but that this was simply an offer of help.


The gentleman opened the door and said, “Do you want to take a look?”


“I’d love to,” I replied. The homeowner went to great lengths to show me every upgrade and feature in the house. The lady of the house then appeared and continued to fill me in. Remembering Bryant, I kept my mouth shut except for an occasional question or compliment on the features. After discussing plants, fine art, where they met, where they were moving, why they were selling, decorating, blogging and marketing, I was edging toward the door. The wife looked at the husband and asked, “You do have her card, don’t you? Be sure to write our names on the flyer.”


I thanked them for showing me the house, asked about a specific plant again that would make a good hedge, and left.

Yesterday I was getting ready to mail them a thank you note, and the phone rang.


It was the gentleman asking if we could meet this Friday and discuss listing his house. He is asking $379,000. Wow! Bryant was right. Just listen.


Roxanne Moore

Shannon Moore

Prudential Florida WCI

North Port, Port Charlotte, Venice

Comment balloon 12 commentsShannon Moore • July 20 2006 08:28AM
After reading Bryant Tutas’ blog a couple of days ago on just doing more listening and less talking in listing presentations, I decided to give it a try on a FSBO. I was amazed! We have a special website for FSBOs, www. ByOwnerNorthPort. com where… more
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