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Survey Says!


I was reading different articles on tonight and ran into the quiz section. I guess I don't know as much as I thought I did!

The quiz I decided to take was: Understanding your gut instincts.

Here's one of the questions that I missed:

People get along better when talking to each other if they are:

your answer: facing each other

correct answer: standing side by side

Researchers aren't sure why, but people get along better when they "sidle," stand or sit side by side, rather than face each other. In fact, buyers and sellers are more likely to think positively about you if they sit next to you.

Tip: : Don't sit opposite buyers or sellers at a table. Sit at a right angle to them, or talk to them while you're seated side-by-side in a car. When they're by your side, they won't feel coerced and controlled.

Some of the answers to the questions are pretty informative. Take a few quizzes and see how you do!


Comment balloon 0 commentsShannon Moore • July 26 2006 07:32AM
Survey Says!
I was reading different articles on realtor. org tonight and ran into the quiz section. I guess I don't know as much as I thought I did! The quiz I decided to take was: Understanding your gut instincts. http://www. realtor. org/rmoquiz2. nsf… more
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