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I've tried various formats for listing presentations and find that the generic company presentation is far too cold and impersonal. The CMA from Top Producer is nice and includes some good letters and maps, but almost too much information.  

We even hired a VA to create a special presentation just for us, but we still don't think it says all the right things. The few times I have used the Power Point presentation, I felt the sellers acted like they were watching a commercial. Nothing keeps their attention better than staying in visual contact.  

I like Bryant Tutas' casual approach, but I also like some of the good information in these other sources, so this weekend I'm desperately trying to pull together what gets the best response for us. As Bryant says, the most important thing is to listen and let them talk, and I'm not sure a computer doesn't get in the way of that.  

In this market, sellers seem to be most interested in how your are going to market their property and how responsive you will be to their needs. After going through two other agents that placed a sign and left, I had to do a listing presentation. It was easier than I thought because the other agents never serviced the listing.  

The people had to wait three weeks to even get a copy of the listing agreement they signed. Every time the agent said he would take care of something, he didn't.  He promised an office caravan then said everyone was on vacation and never did it. He promised an open house and never did it. He set the price then decided it was too high almost immediately. The seller had to call the office three times to get the sign removed. Some agents just get a lot of listings and figure a certain percentage of them are bound to sell.  

It's not hard to follow an act like that. If you are going to promise visual tours, open houses, quick feedback or anything else, git'er done, or at least call and explain why you haven't. Lack of communication is a major reason sellers don't re-list.  

A house down the street from me has been on the market with several different agents for over a year and is grossly overpriced, but the seller likes her agent because she calls her every Friday.  

One of our major goals is to schedule a time each week to communicate with our sellers. It's easy to let someone slip through the cracks. Normally though, we tell them about the showings, advertising or open houses as they occur. We know this is vitally important.

Comment balloon 4 commentsShannon Moore • August 13 2006 07:04PM
I've tried various formats for listing presentations and find that the generic company presentation is far too cold and impersonal. The CMA from Top Producer is nice and includes some good letters and maps, but almost too much information. We even… more
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